Raghurajpur, The heritage village of Odisha


Raghurajpur is the heritage village of Odisha. One may not feel anything extraordinary at the entrance of the village but just a walk down the road will certainly give you the feel, you have actually landed in the “Heritage village of Odisha”. It’s a village, where each family is involved in one or the other craft. It’s a place, which can be aptly called as the “pilgrimage of art”. In every house of the village, you can find artist and you can see each house has been doubled up as the artist’s studio.

There are many crafts created by the inhabitants of the village, which includes Pattachitra painting, Palm leaf engraving, Tassar painting, Stone idols, traditional mask, Papier mache, Cow dung toys, Wooden toys and sculptures.

This tiny village is truly a one-of-its-kind in the country. Ten artists of this village have been honored with national award and one of the most coveted Padma Bibhushana have also been bestowed upon the artist of this heritage village called Raghurajpur.

As they say, earlier if the red stick of Puri and Pattachitra of Raghurajpur was not purchased by the pilgrims, their religious journey was not considered complete. The place thrives on culture and tradition, which is why the government of India decided to confer the title “Raghurajpur is the heritage village” in the year 2004.

Moreover, it is the artists of this village, who has the responsibility of decorating Lord Jagannath of Puri during the famous Car festival (Rath Yatra), where people from all over the place congregate to get the blessing of the Lord Jagannath.

Apart from these forms of art, there is another great form of art called “Gotipua dance” which also helps to bring the village in the map of India as the Heritage Village of the country.

It was this very “village” where, Odissi exponent Kelucharan Mohaptra was born. He is known globally for his dance and has been recognized by the government of India by receiving awards like Padma Shri, Padma bibhushan and many more prestigious awards.


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