Palmleaf Engraving

It is also originated from the Lord Jagannath culture of Puri, Odisha. During the ancient time peoples here were used to make their Horoscope through this kind of leaf. Also the Manuscript was written on this leaf. The Manuscripts which are still available now of 5000yeas to 10,000years + back is a proof to the palm leaf engraving form.

Palm Leafs were collected by a special community called “Chamar”. They do it as a form of their profession.  They cut it from the old and very long palm trees, by climbing on the tree during a particular period of the year.

 Our organisation supports them for their sustainability, by way of providing them works throughout the years, depending on our buyer’s orders and other requirements.  We collect /buy the palm leafs from the community and then another category of peoples are used to stitch those palm leafs, according to our required size, after putting the palm leaf to sun shine and further natural processing.

Generally, No Colours used for palm leafs.  Only natural black colours put inside the engraving places of the palm leafs and washed through water so that a clear visibility will come out.

 The Longevity of this products is upto 10,000+ years approximately, if properly and carefully preserved. The proofs behind this  is that 10,000years +  back palm leaf manuscripts are still live and for that special reason the Govt. Of India and many private trusts etc. are engaged in the field of revival  of  manuscripts.

The prices of the product is ranging from INR 100 TO INR 2.5 LAKHS + depending on the size and the quality of the art.

The organisation produces the ancient form of Palm leaf engravings.

The different types of Palm leaf engravings  we produce are based on the following topics  –

  • Gita Govinda
  • Krishna’s Life Story
  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharat
  • Chaitanya Life Story
  • Budha Life Story
  • Jain Life Story etc.

Besides, the organisation produces other palm leaf utility products like Tea Coasters, Canisters, Lamp sheds, Flower vases and many more home decorative items.

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