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Dedicated to people, host its guests at its project site “Udayanath tourism development project”, with the real indian concept of  tourism” ATTITHI DEVO BHAWA”, meaning thereby guests are treated as more than god.

Hospitality has a different meaning now at Udayanath tourism development project with eco tourisme.

Guests worldwide are received at our project and by the time of departure they become friends.

The most distinguishing point is that this the only organization in eastern odisha and within the heritage area, who is hosting Iits guests at its farmhouse( The latest concept of tourism), not yet available at the major tourist stay destination points like Puri, and Bhubaneswar.

The unique features of this organization are:

  • Natural farm house: located within 2 acre land with the herbal plants like betel leaves, costal area trees like guava, jackfruits, pineapple etc, and natural water reservoirs. .
  • Eco cottages.
  • Delicious traditional oriya cuisines & beverages : Usuna Bhata, Dalma,Saga Bhaja Badi Chuna, Etc
  • Dance programmmes I.E. Odissi,Gotipua,Ghodanacha,Sambalpuri Dance etc.
  • Free travel consultancy with provision of travel guides.
  • Tour and travel operation with all types of general and luxurious cars, buses etc.


Our other important features:

  • Railway and air ticket bookings
  • Money exchange



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