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Global warming is a great threat for the eco system which resultantly is a concern for the preservation of natural inheritance. Environmental turmoil affects human life as well as flora and fauna. The ecological concern is not only deteriorating the state and value of human life, but it is also putting the life of species in peril to the extent that, some of the species are on the verge of extinction.   Eco-tourism is one of the major ways, which can help to get rid of ecological exploitation.   Odisha is a quite popular destination for eco-tourism. The mountains, rivers, forest helps to enhance the charm of Eco Tourism in Odisha.

What is Eco Tourism?

The term eco tourism indicates to nature-friendly tourism. Nature-lovers usually quest for a peace and calm place, which can take them to trance. Eco tourism has become immensely popular among the people looking to explore the places, where nature has bountifully endowed.

Eco-tourism is endorsed to preserve the natural world for the wellbeing of the mortals. It is not only restricted to pleasure but, it is all about being part of the cause.

Eco Tourism in Odisha

Situated in the eastern coast of India, Odisha does not have only temples and monuments; it also offers rich wildlife, greenery, amazing rivers and biodiversities.  A diverse range of habitants can be found in the forest here makes the place look even more striking and fascinating for Eco Tourism.

Take a Tour

Nandankannan: When we talk about Eco Tourism in Odisha, the first name that comes to our mind is Nandankannan. The meaning of the name literally is “The Garden of Heavens” The environs of Nandankannan are located near the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. The place is set amid the Chandaka reserve forest and it covers up around 400 hectares.  The zoo, which is intermingled with Botanical garden by a natural lake with a ropeway, is also a sight worth seeing. Nandankannan is specially known for white tigers.  The zoo also has 34 aquaria, which is well-known for having array of fresh water fish. One can enjoy the beauty of many colorful migratory birds here as well, which actually mounts up the pleasure of visiting this place.

Chillika: Chillika is the largest coastal lagoon in the country; situated in Odisha. Its biosphere covers more than thousand square kilometers making it a favorable destination for Eco Tourism in Odisha. This brackish water lagoon is scattered over Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of Odisha. It is considered as the second largest coastal lagoon of the world. It is indeed the ecstasy for the birds of different lands. The place is known to be the transmission of the local as well as the migratory birds. The scenic picturesque islands of Chillika and the fishery resources is the testimony of eco-system.  Parikud, Phulbari, Berhapura, Nuapara, Nalbana and Tampara are the Islands of Chillika, which are known for their captivating scenic beauty.  To reach Chillika, if one boards a train from Bhubaneswar; it takes approximately 1h.40m by intercity express.

Simplipal and Bhitarkanika:  Places like Simplipal and Bhitarkanika enhances the charm and beauty of Odisha. A visit to these national parks will be like unraveling the nature at its best. These are also the most favorable destinations when you talk about Eco Tourism in Odisha. Simplipal is situated in Mayurbhanj district of Modish and it is quite popular for tiger reserve, river and waterfalls. Simplipal’s enchanting beauty cast a spell on the tourism and makes the visitors admirer of this nature’s gift.

Bhitarkanika comes under the territory of Kendrapada District of Odisha. Bhitarkanika is encircled by river from three corners. The place offers some majestic islands, the convergence of the rivers Baitarani and Bramhani depicts a nature, which is not less than a wonder. The major part of Bhitarkanika is salt water crocodiles. Bhitarkanika is a perfect eco system.

Eco Tourism in Puri

Satapada:  Satapada on Chilika is very well-known for Irrawaddy Dolphins which is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Puri on the southern part of the Chilika Lake. This place is also famous for Sea Mouth Island where the Bay of Bengal meets Chilka Lake.

Balukhand-Konark Sanctuary: Balukhand-Konark Sanctuary is well served by the marine drive road. The star attraction here is the rare Black-buck even though spotted deer abound in the area. This area falls under the ecologically sensitive zone. The Puri Township is bordering to the western boundary of the sanctuary.

Wonderful places like these help promote Eco Tourism in Odisha and make Odisha a favorite tourist destination.


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