Culture & Tourism


Orissa, boast of rich traditional ancestry & vibrant cultural heritage that is reflected in various temples & monuments, fair & festivals, dance & music, languages & literature, cuisine & customs along with scenic beauties & wildlife which makes it a prominent tourist destination.

Dedicated to people has taken significant steps to promote cultural, rural, tribal & eco-tourism which not only to promote them but also to earn bread & butter for many poor people of the state.
cultural tourism involves promotion of our cultural traditions. rural tourism has the motto ” any village van be a tourist attraction”. Development of rural area, enhancing standard of living , revival of lost folk art &  handicrafts & exploring new job opportunities are the essential features of it.


Eco-tourism is an eco-friendly nature based tourism to enjoy life in nature & conserve our natural environment for the welfare of living beings . Orissa has a diverse ecological system with hot springs ( atri & tarabolo), lakes ( Chilka,Sara) waterfalls ( Badaghagara & Khanddhar), reservoirs ( Hirakud & Indravati),national parks ( Nandankanan & Bhitarakanika) and beaches like in puri & gopalpur which dazzles tourists for centuries.


Tribal tourism in tribal tourism, people can get an unique opportunity to interact with our primitive tribes who continue to inhabit their traditional dwellings places in remote areas ,in the deep forests and hilly interiors like santals, gonds,mundas etc. & thus raising tribal economy by marketing their products.


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