A brief history of the organization


The organization started in a small village near the Puri district of Odisha, India, during the year 2000, under the open sky, and under the shadow of  the coconut tree, near the river Bhargabi bank(The heritage river), like a small seed being planted on the earth.

Fortunately we got the name as per our aims and objectives and we got the registration during 2004, as a national level N.G.O .

The organization was basically formed with the objective of building the rural India, through providing the basic needs of life of a ordinary layman on this earth, viz., food, clothing and shelter, which is depicted in pictorial form in the logo of this organization. To fulfill the basic objectives, it focused on the rural resources like the art, craft, culture etc.

Recently the organization has its branch expanded to many parts of India, besides its main project site.


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