About the founder


The organization was founded by Mr. Ajit kumar swain.

He Had Master Degree In Commerce From The Samanta Chandra Sekhara College, Puri, Odisha, India, And Intermediate From The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India, New Delhi. He Has More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Financial, Administrative, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Human Resource, Export/Import And Other Fields Too.

He Had Lots Of Fascination For The Rural Art, Craft, Culture, Tourism Etc. Although He Wants To Establish His Own Industry Where He Can Use His Brain Power But Due To The Finance As The Limitation Factor He Could Not. As He Belongs To A Middle Class Family, And His Parents Spent Lots Of Money For The Higher Education, He Thought That He Should Not Ask More Money From The Parents And Instead Of Starting A Big Project And Taking Heavy Risk, It Is Better To Start From The Point Where It Is Little Bit Easy And Low Risk And Love On The Subject Matter.

Last But Not The Least; It Was The Mercy Of Lord.


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